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How Garlic Peeling Machine Works

Dec 29, 2018Published by Ellie
If you like to eat the garlic,you may feel trouble to peeling the garlic. In fact,the garlic skin is difficult to peel, the most usually way we peel the skin is by hand, but in this way we will waste a lot of time and can not guarantee the integrity of the garlic. So how peel the garlic skin in high efficiency? Then I suggest you have a look at our machine works, maybe can solve your problems of peeling the garlic.

Our Garlic Peeling Machine has simple structure. It consists of the inlet, garlic skin out, fan, pressure meter, discharge port. It also equipped with auto-temperature control and conveying-material, thus the garlic could be stored for a long time. It applies advanced air compress technique to peel the garlic naturally. Can  process small and  big different  size  garlic.

The working principle of garlic peeling machine is applying advanced air compress or technique to peel off skin naturally, which guarantees the quality of garlic cloves. The strong air flow producted by air compressor,the cyclone peels off skin of garlic smoothly,with low damage rate.

It also has the simple operation. You can put the garlic into the machine directly, it will work automatically. Moreover, you can also add a conveyor to put the garlic into the machine, in this way, you will save a lot of manpower.
garlic peeling machine
This garlic peeling machine has many advantages:
1.It has the high capacity of 200-500kg/h.
2.You can get the garlic in good condition,and the non-polutiong peeling rate even over 98%.
3.The machine is suitable for dry peeling, no water, no pollution to the environment.
4.All size of the garlic can ba used in this machine.
5.It can applies to the market, food plants, garlic, and other industries use occasions.
6.It is suitable for complete onion processing line or use alone.

We also has a small capacity machine which is 180-280kg per hour. It has small footprint which is more convenient.
This is the machine picture:
small scale garlic peeling machine

And this is our small scale garlic peeling machine working video: