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How To Crush Garlic?

Jan 12, 2019Published by Ellie
What kind of ways you will use to break the garlic? Can you separate the garlic in compete and no damage? Do you have a high efficiency to breaking the garlic? Everybody regards the garlic as an important  material when cooking.That is true. The garlic indeed helpful to our health. So if you want to separate the garlic in high speed and in compete,just have a look at our garlic separating machine.

Our garlic clove separator is a machine which adopts a high standard pure soft plastc wheel to imitate the human action to separate the garlic cloves easily with 98% separation rate. The distance between the idler wheels can be adjusted freely, so that all sizes of garlic cloves can be separated. The machine work in the process of driving the belt wheel power is obtained by motor driven flat plate axial rod with high elastic silica gel, the plate rotation, conical disc corresponding and plate plate also accompanied by silica gel, this flat plate center and edge formed by the height difference, from the heart to realize the garlic rub, split and the machine. 
garlic separating machine
The low breaking rate is less than 1%, high separating rate is more than 95%.It is built-in fan, compact body design, stable performance, easy to move, use and maintenance simple. Single person is able to operate this machine, really saves the manpower.
This is the picture of the garlic breaking machine structure:
garlic breaking machine
If you still want to get more information about our machine, just send inquiry to us.