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How to Remove Date Stones

Nov 23, 2022Published by admin
In recent years, the date palm processing industry has developed rapidly, and date palm products have become increasingly abundant, including date slices, date powder, concentrated date juice, date wine, and date snack foods. With the continuous upgrading of the consumer market, high-quality date products are increasingly favored by consumers, such as freeze-dried dates. However, more efforts should be made in the pitting of dates to provide consumers with a better experience of eating dates. So, how to efficiently remove dates kernel stones in the factory? This article will explain to you how the jujube nuclear equipment works.

1. Fully Automatic Date Jujube Pitting Machine

The fully automatic red date pitting machine developed by our company is made of stainless steel, with stable mechanical properties, reasonable structure, simple operation and high degree of automation. It adopts the automatic feeding device of the mold conveyor belt, and the red dates automatically enter the mold and run at high speed; There is a rolling brush in the fruit box, which can sweep the excess red dates into other fruit-carrying holes; it is easy to use and does not need to be guarded for a long time, just pour the red dates into the fruit box manually, and one worker can Manage 3-4 machines at the same time; sturdy, small in size, the equipment covers an area of ​​2.5 square meters, and can be produced without a workshop.

2. Advantages of Automatic Jujube Pitting Machine

1. High efficiency and low consumption

The automatic jujube pitting machine has low power consumption, the output can reach 150,000-190,000 pieces per hour, and the pitting rate reaches 98%, which solves the problems of low efficiency, labor, time and high cost of manual pitting;

2. Hygiene and Safety

The needles of jujube pitting equipment do not need oil or water, and do not cause food pollution, which meets the hygiene standards of the food industry;

3. Wide range of uses

This equipment has strong adaptability and a large processing range. In addition to dates, it is also suitable for the pitting process of other dates such as red dates, olives, prunes, dark plums, etc.
The jujube pitting machine, which is highly efficient, has a high nuclear yield, is hygienic and safe, energy-saving and power-saving, has been welcomed by customers from many countries once it was launched.
If you have the needs of jujube pitting processing, please feel free to contact us to obtain the technical information of this equipment.