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Plantain Chips Cutting Machine In Nigeria

Jan 12, 2019Published by Ellie
The  plantain chips slicer machine made by our company is shipped to Nigeria. The machine is mainly used to cut the potatoes or onions, taro, pawpaw,etc into strips smoothly without any damage. It can cutter size with 2-15mm, and size can be adjutable. It is suitable for fast food multiple shops, potato chips manufacturers and food processing.

Our plantain chips cutting machine  can work with potato washing and peeling machine, blanching machine, dehydrator,flying machine, de-oil machine, seasoning machine and packing machine. It is your best choice for our customer to order a continuous line for processing potato chips. The strips after cutting are good look. All the parts contacting with the foods are made of stainless steel, meets food safety and hygiene standards. The configuration, power and parameters are determined by the customer's output.

There is a large inlet hole and long discharging exit in the plantain chips making machine, it is easily and safty operation. The cutting size can be customized according to your need.  The slicer or the chips have a smooth appearance, and it can be used not only potato, but also other fruit and vegetable.  
potato chips cutting machine
The plantain chips slicer machine is more convenient to operate, adjustable and low broken rate, reduces labor time but raises output. By replacing different knives the machine can cut the products into different strips, slices. The potato chips cutting machine is a new type of equipment which is improved through long-term production experience. It is widely used in making superior quality chips of vegetable, which is the exclusive equipment in vegetable processing industry for producing fresh or dehydrated vegetable. 

This is our potaoto chips cutting machine working video: