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Pork Rind/skin Fryer Machine are Sold to Australia

Oct 11, 2016Published by Wendy
Pork Rind Fryer Machine are Sold to Austrilia|pork skin frying machine|pork rind fryer machinePork Rind/skin Fryer Machine are Sold to Austrilia. our the australis customer nee a pork rind frying machine with 300kg pe rhour for his business .

Our this type pork rind frying machine is Continuous.Controller Box made of Stainless Steel or Sprayed-plastic(optional), Allows adjust Frying Time by Variable Conveying Speed as required, Alarm Oil Level.
3. Double Layer 304 Stainless Steel Belt, Preventing Products Floating, Ensure Complete and Perfect Frying Effect.

The continuous frying machine also can process others such as green beans,borad bean,chin-chin,chicken nuggets,french fries,finger chips and other snack food.

If you need the continuous fryer machine quotation,you can leave your machine requirements and your email our professional saleman will sent you quotation within 24 hours.