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Principle of weight sorting machine

Apr 10, 2017Published by sherry
 principle of weight sorting machine
Mango weight sorting machine sort products with different levels of weight into different areas, mainly for the chicken wings, chicken leg weight classification, crab, lobster, sea cucumber, abalone, apple, mango, etc.. Weight classifier is used automatic classification of products with different weight. Sort different sizes of the products into some weight range, use checkweigher for automatic weighing, and the weight signal sent to the PLC, PLC according to the set range drive corresponding bin put products to corresponding box, to complete the automatic classification.
This weight sorting machine can detect products with different weight during continuous work and finishes automatic classification according to the set weight, and realizes automatic statistics and data storage for products.
Weight sorting machine not only ensures the accuracy of product weight, but also improves the trust for product among customers, realizing zero complaint of customer for product weight, and make the enterprise production efficiency greatly increased.