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Profit Analysis Of the Bean Sprouts

Nov 14, 2016Published by Wendy
Today we will talk about the profits of Bean Sprouts.have you thought of there is a so big profits in Bean Sprouts?

every one kilogram of soybeans with 3-4 days can make  8-12 kg of high-quality bean sprouts with Bean Sprouts machine , 6.1 yuan per kilogram of soybeans, bean sprouts 2.4 yuan per kg count (regional markets, prices are different, the price in the local market survey) ,

bean sprouts machine|profits of bean sproutAccording to 1 kg of soybean production 8 kg bean sprouts, a daily production of 100 kg of bean sprouts machine, the cost of soybean 76.25 yuan per day, the production of 100 kilograms of bean sprouts, water and electricity costs about 6-10 million, the average cost of 10 yuan, Net profit of about 15.3.75 yuan; another mung bean fertile 12-15 kg of green bean sprouts, according to 20 kg of green beans per day to produce bean sprouts 240 kg net of hydropower costs, net profit is 240 kg × 0.75 (reference price) = 180 (Usually sell bean sprouts, while selling bean sprouts, green bean sprouts, soybean sprouts meters) If the local sales price is high, then the economic benefits will be better, so that the net profit will be able to earn 153.75 + 180 = 333.75 yuan. Can easily achieve monthly income of nearly million.

Wow that is a great profits. of course different area have different local price. you can can make the analysis according your local.