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Longer’s peanut roasting machine sold to India

Mar 14, 2017Published by sherry
Longer’s roasting machine sold to India
Longer’s nuts roasting machine is made of stainless steel, after research and development of technical personnel to improve successful general multi-functional food machinery, the roasting machine is designed according to the market need , model fashion luxury, integrating all kinds of nuts type mechanical performance advantages, stable mechanical properties, adopting closed belt transmission, energy saving, high efficiency, safety, hygiene. 
The roasting machine adopts horizontal cylinder, 360 - degree circular mixing roll, automatic cycle stirring, heating and stirring evenly, relative seal, braised fire effect is very good, convenient operating in pan, funnel replenish roasting materials, save time and effort. With functions of automatically be out of the pot, automatic sand and chestnut separation function, operation simple and convenient, quick, and easy to understand, and many other advantages. We also offer special formula and technology of making better food color and taste.
This roasting machine is used for roasting various sizes and kinds of nuts and seeds, such as seasame, peanuts, hazenuts, almond, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds , pistachio,herbs and spices etc. The temperature is adjustable and Optional speed mode.