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Air bubble vegetable washing machine working video

Apr 06, 2017Published by sherry

Air bubble vegetable washing machine is mainly used for washing various fruits, vegetables, and medicinal materials. This cleaning machine is employing bubble washing system, having good processing effect with retaining the original quality of the product. It is a kind of practical equipment for washing food stuff.
Wide Applications vegetable $ fruit air bubble washing machine
1.Suitable for soaking, cleaning, removing pesticide/salt, and cooling after blanching of leaf vegetables, fruits, medicinal materials; as well as washing and removing starch after cutting of root vegetables and fruits.
2.Bubble washing machine for vegetables: pepper, green vegetables, ginger, etc.
3.Bubble washing machine for fruits: apple, pear, plum, grape, hawthorn, dates, strawberry, etc.
4.Bubble washer machine for medicinal materials (root, stem and leaf types): platycodon grandiflorum, asarum, gastrodia, ginseng, etc.
5.An ideal equipment for vegetables or food processing industries, catering establishments, and large-scale supermarkets, etc.