Belt Type Beans Fryer Machine

For this automatic broad beans frying machine, internal structure ia made of full stainless steel 304, including frame, oil tank, electric heating system, feeding system, slag automatic removing system, the frame is composed of the upper body and substrate, oil tank is installed on the substrate, around the tank with thermal insulation layer. The electrical heating system is installed in the bottom of the oil tank, use constant temperature controller to control the oil temperature, the describe electric protection wall means to wrap protective casing on the outside of the heating tubes, between heating tube and casing protection set thermal insulation.

Upper body and base is hinged at the side, and at the junction along the axial setting a torsional spring, at the other side of the substrate is set with safe locking mechanism, bumper installed near the articulated point on the upper shelf, bumper will automatically hold the upper body. Feeding system installed on the upper shelf, which includes the upper mesh belt and lower mesh belt, and motor. The motor through the sprocket chain mechanism connect to and the drive wheels of upper mesh belt, and  driving wheel of upper mesh belt through the gears connect to drive wheels of the lower mesh belt, synchronize the upper mesh belt and the lower mesh belt, and the gap between the double belt is even, so that the mesh belt can clamp material. There are four adjusting handwheel setting on the upper mesh belt, can regulate gap between upper and lower mesh belt.
Technical Data
Model LG-4500
Heating type Gas
Power 90-120 kw
Dimension 5000*1000*200mm
Capacity 200-500 kg/h
Temperature 0-300℃