Vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine Commercial Big Capacity

  • Material:carrot,ginger,cassava,etc
  • Capacity:3000-5000kg/h
  • Voltage:380V
  • Power:4-5.5 kw
  • Weight:560-700kg
The fruit and vegetable wash peeling machine is widely used in washing and peeling round oval fruits and vegetables such as carrots, ginger, sweet potato kiwi fruit. The machine is an essential equipment in fruit and vegetable processing factory. 
fruit and vegetable washing and peeling machine
Advantages of the vegetable washing and peeling machine
  • Advanced designed, easy operation, and also with low energy consumption, high efficiency, sanitation, safety, and high efficiency.
  • It’s an ideal equipment for vegetable processing industry.
  • The machine adopts pure nylon brush roller, the long-term use without hair slipping, and more durable, ensuring the health of fruits and vegetables.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel, in order to ensure the long-term work, without stainless corrosion, non-toxic, harmless and other characteristics.
  • According to different materials and different qualities to confirm the washing quantity and washing time.
  • The machine has high peeling rate.

Washing and Peeling Effect

ginger washing and peeling effect

Vegetable washing machine principle 
The vegetable washing machine is developed according to the market demand of the products by our factory. Pouring products into roller brush peeler, the brush roller rolling and turning round the products, the products scrubbed on the brush constantly and thus achieve the purpose of peel potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. In the drum through the brush scrub, upper pressure water spray, the vegetables and the thorough cleaning.

This is a video of our ginger washing and peeling machine work:
Technical Data
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
LG-3000 4kw/380v 2900x1000x900mm 560kg 3000kg/h
LG-4000 4kw/380v 3050x1200x1160mm 600kg 4000kg/h
LG-5000 5.5kw/380v 2900x1285x1150mm 700kg 5000kg/h

Q.What kind of transport way I can choose?
A. There are air /sea/land transports for your choose
Q. when the product will be deliver ,plz?
A.Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made
Q.Can we visit your factory ?
A. Yes,please feel free to contact  and visit us.
Q.Can I get a sample?
A.I am sorry.For heavy cost ,we cannot offer a sample yet.
Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving manufacturing equipment.