Automatic Onion Peeling Machine Of High Capacity Commercial

  • Material:onion,garlic,etc
  • Capacity:1500-2000kg/h
  • Voltage:380V/415V
  • Power:1.5 kw
  • Weight:280kg
  • Dimension:2300*1000*1800mm
The automatic onion peeling machine commercial can remove the skin of the onion in high efficiency. The onion after peeling has smooth surface and the machine has no damage to the onion.
automatic onion peeling machine
Onion skin peeler machine features:
  • The onion has good quality, no damage.
  • High production efficiency, easy maintenance and clean.
  • Low malfunction rate, automatic control and easy to operate.
  • Suitable for complete processing line or working singly.
  • Any size of the onion can be used to the machine.
  • The machine equipped with the belt conveyor, saving a lot of labor.

Peeling Effect
onion peeling machine effect

Industrial onion peeling machine principle:
The machine adopts the advanced Air Compressor technique (the strong air flow produced by air compressor) the cyclone peels off skin of onions smoothly,  which guarantees the quality of onion. The skin of onion  can be removed without the cutter  blade and  friction. It is practical, electricity-saving, high efficiency and easy to operate and clean.

Here show you our automatic onion peeling machine working video

Technical Data
Model LGYB-2
Power 1.5kw, 380V/415V
Feeding Method Double Conveyor Feeding Method
Peeling Rate 70-80pcs/minute
Capacity 1500-2000kg/h
Peeling Method High Press Gas Peeling Method
Dimension 2300*1000*1800mm
Weight 280kg

1.ASK:What this machine is made of?
Answer:The machine shell made of stainless steel plate, chassis made of cast iron.

2.ASK:How to controll the dewater time?
Answer:Time controller to control the working hours, according to the raw material drying time, set free.

3.ASK:Do you have other models for choice? 
Answer: We have different models for this machine, we can also customized according customer demand.