Industrial Garlic Separating and Peeling Production Line with High Efficiency

  • Material:garlic,onion,etc
  • Capacity:300-600kg/h
  • Power:0.75-3 kw

Introduction of Automatic Garlic Peeling Production Line

This processing line can finish the garlic separating and peeling completely. The garlic separating machine is used to separate the garlic into garlic cloves without damage. And the garlic skin peeler machine is suirtable for peeling the garlic skin with high efficiency.
Industrial Garlic Peeling Line

Features of Industrial Garlic Peeling Line

  • It has no damage to garlic, garlic storage time for a long time.
  • This machine has not limited by the size of garlic.
  • The capacity can be adjusted accrording to different garlic.
  • Completely automatic dry-peel operation, adjustable at peeling skin layers and no spoilage to onions.
  • The machine is suitable for dry peeling, no water, no pollution to the environment.
  • One person is able to operate this machine.
Separating and Peeling Effect
Garlic Peeling Production Line

Automatic garlic separating and peeling line principle
The whole line includes the separating and peeling. There is the internal air blower in the garlic separating machine, This machine can adjust the space of flat silica gel plate and cone silica gel plate according to the dimension of the garlic head, so that the machine can reach the best separating effect. The garlic peeling machine needs to match with air compressor to work. And the machine is easy to use, it consists of the inlet, garlic skin out, fan, pressure meter, discharge port. 

Working video OF China Garlic Peeling Line

Technical Data
No Name Dimension Power/Material
1 Elevator 3000*500*1800mm   0.75kw
2 Garlic Breaking Machine 1600*900*1200mm 3kw
3 PickingLine 3500*800*800mm 1.1kw
4 Peeler Feeder Elevator 2500*500*1600mm 0.75kw
5 Chain Peeling Machine 2800*800*1650mm 1.85kw
6 Picking Line 4000*800*800 mm 1.1kw