200-500KG Per Hour Garlic Peeling Machine

  • Material:garlic,onion,etc
  • Capacity:200-500kg/h
  • Power:1.85 kw
  • Dimension:2800*800*1650mm
This high efficiency garlic peeling machine is a new garlic process machine. It can seperate the garlic into garlic clove first, then remove the skin out of the garlic clove. Machine made from carbon steel.

high efficiency garlic peeling machine
Features of the high efficiency gailic peeling machine
  • Ensure the integrity of processed products, freshness and pollution-free.
  • It has the automatic feeding device, garlic-garlic skin automatic separation, meets the health standards.
  • The machine is high peeling rate, low bruise rate.
  • You need not soak the garlic, The machine is suitable for the dry garlic.
  • The garlic is easy to keep maintenance, can be stored for long time.
  • It is widely used in the market, food plants, garlic, and other industries use occasions.

Peeling Effect
garlic peeling effect

Garlic Skin Peeler Machine principle
The machine needs to match with air compressor to work. With the special design,the garlic will be no friction during peeling.You can get the garlic in good condition,and the non-polutiong peeling rate even over 98%. The structure of the machine consists of the fan, inlet, garlic skin out, discharge port and the pressure meter. It has very simple operation.

Here show you our machine working video:

Technical Data
Machine Garlic peeling machine
Size 2800*800*1650mm
Voltage 1.85kw
Material 304stainless Steel
Capacity 200kg-500kg/h
Customer-made Yes