Coconutting Grinding Machine

This machine is use centrifugal force of band saw rotor to grind coconut meat into tiny particles. 
The machine with advanced design , the structure is simple, it is suitable for grind of coconut before its juicing.
This machine is composed of the feed hopper,sawtooth type conversion, frame, spindle, bearing block, transmission, the hopper and etc. Parts. When the coconut meat from the feed hopper in the machine, through the tangent screw make coconut meat move to sawtooth type conversion, in the rotation of sawtooth,  coconut meat will be grinded to uniform filaments , then move out through the hopper , into the next process.
2.Feeding By lifting machine into this machine , the material under the high speed rotation of sawtooth type 
conversion will be cutted to make the material evenly. In order to prevent material under the action of 
centrifugal force in the rotor and rotor from the sawtooth contact,we especially conversion design into a cone,
 and in the stator wall and article guide, make the material adequately and sawtooth contact, and the grinding 
good material advance the hopper.

With the force generated by the cone and spirality, the coconut in the grinding chamber was pressed by 
the teeth-shaped knives which are evenly inlaid in the cone-shaped rotor. The coconut is shredded while
 the high-speed knives keep cutting, beating and grinding. 
1.Small size, big capacity, easy operation
2.No shaking during working 
3.Low noise, easy washing, endurable.
4.Final mesh size adjustable. 
5.The device is widely used in a variety of berries (like: strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries, mulberry, etc.), pome fruit (like: apple, pear, crab, etc.), vegetables (for example: carrots, radish, melon, squash, potatoes, green peppers , celery, fresh barley grass, medicine celery, etc.) and the orange part peeled (like: seedless tangerines, lemons, seedless orange, etc.), stone fruits enucleated after (like: peach, apricot, plum, etc.), other shelled or peeled class (for example: coconut, garlic, onion, ginger, pineapple, etc.) crushing grinding.
Has the characteristics of high efficiency grinding, stable performance,long service life, low noise, easy operation and repair, can greatly reduce the production cost.
Technical Data
Model LG-200 LG-400 LG-700
Capacity 200-400 400-600 600-800
Power 2.2-3KW 5.5-7.5KW 11-15KW
rotate speed 1450r/min 1450r/min 1450r/min
Blade pieces 12pieces 24pieces 48pieces
Dimension 700*500*1200 mm 950*720*1500mm 1350*1050*1800 mm

Q.What kind of transport way I can choose?
A. There are air /sea/land transports for your choose
Q. when the product will be deliver ,pls?
A.Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made
Q.Can we visit your factory ?
A. Yes,please feel free to contact and visit us.
Q.Can I get a sample?
A.I am sorry.For heave cost ,we cannot offer a sample yet.