Potato Chips Cutting Machine

Work will potato material into the hopper, the inverted trough rotating dial on the reel to guide the material 
along the housing wall rotate the cutter attached to the housing wall vegetables cut into strips, cut fries from the material cover it.
Before using the machine is placed in a dry, airy ground level, ensure that the machines work smoothly and  reliably.
The material can be set off and remove the cover for easy packing and transport, shipping is generally removed from 
the housing. After the machine is placed, it will cover the material with the housing connected by pins.
Before use of each component to check whether in transit loose fasteners, switches and the power cord is damaged
This machine can be used in potato chips production plant or restaurant.
1.This machine cutting size can be adjustable according the choice of customer.
2.This machine is with high speed cutting
3.This machine is high quality,it is stainless steel raw materials,beautiful appearance design.It is the best choice for potato chips production plant.
4.Only need one person to put the potato into machine,it is easy to operate,very save labor force.
5.This machine can work with the potato washing and peeling machine,so that customer can choose to buy a continuous line for processing potato chips.We can make the production line which can work constantly.
The finished products can be different shapes,can be streak.So that potato chips or carrot chips can be attractiv。

Technical Data
Model Voltage Power Dimension Capacity Weight
LG-502 220V/380V 1.5KW 1070*560*900mm 600kg/h 125kg

1. What's the material of the machine?
The machine all is made of 304 stainless steel.

2. What's the cutting size?
Generally the cutting thickness is 5mm,8mm,10mm.
3. What shape can it cut?
It can cut the potato into strips and slicers. 

4. What vegetables can it cut?
Generally is the potato, but also can process other kinds of hard vegetabless, for example, onion, carrots and so on.