CE Approved Peanut Peeling and Half Separating Machine

Peanut half breaking machine can peel the peanut and at the same time break peanut kernel into half.peanut breaking machine used on separating the peanut kernels in to two half parts, high halving rate above 96%, very few broken kernels rate during the separating process, at the same time, machine also could peeling the red skin of the peanuts kernel,so final half parted peanut kernels are white and clean without red skin, two half parts kernels whole and no broken, no powder left after processing.
It is always used in peanut and cocoa beans food processing, such as cake, bread, cookie, candy, etc.Professional peanut half parting machine, easy operating, automatic processing, time and labor saving, power saving.low noise, and high separating rate. The Dust collector can collect the skin of peanut automatically.
This machine is often used for peeling cocoa beans after roasting,so the machine usually work with the roasting machine.
1.Professional peanut half parting machine, easy operating, automatic processing, time and labor saving, power saving.
2. High peeling rate is high and can up to 90% .
3.This machine has the function of reasonable structure,high efficiency,save energy,easy to operation and so on.
4.The peeled peanut is beauty,low materials consumption,It is an ideal equipment for industrial food processing.
5. Your raw materials must be roasted firstly,then cool it and then put into the machine.
6.The dust absorption can remove the red skin of the peanut, and the vibration sieve can effectively remove the embryo bud of the peanut in order to perfect the halveing of the peanut.


Technical Data
Model LGPT-300
Power 1.5kw+0.75kw
Voltage 380V,50HZ
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Dimension 1800*750*1300mm
Weight 500kg

1.ASK:what capacity it is?
Answer:300-500kg per hour.

2.ASK: What is it mainly function?
Answer: peel the peanut, then half cutting.

3.ASK:Does he can process other raw material?
Answer:Coco bean peel and half cutting.

4.ASK:Can we visit your factory ?
Answer:Yes,please feel free to contact and visit us.