French Fries Deep Fryer Machine Adjustable Capacity

  • Material:french fries,potato chips,etc
  • Capacity:100-200kg/h,can be customized
  • Power:24-48 kw
  • Weight:140-280kg
The french fries fryer machine can fry all kinds of fried foods. It is a smokeless, multi-functional, water-oil hybrid frying equipment. Made with new technology and advanced technology. Suitable for fast food restaurants, canteens, chain stores, supermarkets, medium and small fried food processing enterprises.
french fries fryer machine
Features of the french fries frying machine
  • The capacity can be adjusted according to changing the amount of the machine.
  • The oil-water mixing technology is used to automatically filter the residue, which can extend the oil change interval and greatly reduce the cost of oil.
  • The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, with exquisite workmanship and durability.
  • Simple operation, fast heating and easy cleaning.
  • Automatic temperature control for efficient separation of inferior oil.
  • During the frying process, the residue is drained through the drain valve to ensure the hygiene of the food.
  • Multi-purpose machine for continuous frying of various foods without odor.
Frying Effect
potato chips frying effectfrench fries frying effect

Snack frying machine 
In use, the oil layer is controlled to be thermostated, uniformly heated, and the water is supplied in an appropriate amount to make the fried product fine and soft, with good color, aroma and taste. The residue produced by frying is automatically immersed in water and then discharged through the drain to ensure that the frying oil is fresh, non-acidified, and free of waste oil.

Here is a video show our  Potato Chips Fryer Machine used in the french fries production line;

Technical Data
Model LG1200 LG1500 LG2000
Dimension (mm)  1400*700*950 1700*700*950 2200*750*900
Weight (kg) 140 180 240
Power (KW) 24 36 48
Oil Capacity 100kg/h 150kg/h 200kg/h