Automatic Orange/Lemon Juicer

Introduction of Automatic Orange/Lemon Juicer:
This juice extractor is specially designed for making fresh orange juice. The orange juice extractor adopts squeezing way which can realize an automatic process of skinning, extracting and filtering. The produced juice has no seeds and no residue so that tastes very good.The popular orange juice extractor machine for sale is use the squeeze way , after cleaning the Orange ,directly into the machine , Automatic peeling, juice, filtering, freshly squeezed now drink, orange juice in the leather, silk, seedless, no residue, taste good.
The  popular orange juice extractor machine for sale design is reasonable, no matter from appearance and internal structure is advanced, the original contact with the juice are for polypropylene and stainless steel.This popular orange juice extractor machine for sale is suitable for small drink shops, fruit shop, restaurants, and hotels, bars, card room, tea bar, cafe, etc., used quite widely, also are applicable to the family use.
Advantage of Automatic Orange/Lemon Juicer:
The orange juicer is made of stainless stell shell,trans-parent plastic cover,food grade plastic parts(knaggy ball) and remaining collector,The structure is well-organized and rational.It is anti-corrosion,easy to wash.It could produce fresh and delicious juice in a few seconds after operation.It is an ideal machine to make juice and widely used in entertainments,restaurants and hotels.40-80mm oranges suitable for the juicer.The operation is simple and convenient.The rate of the  juice is about 40% -50%.The juicer is small and easy to operate,it can produce instantly.The juice is original and tasty,green and trendy.1.Automatic to squeeze orange juice2.The machine can automatically to peel 3.Operation easy.4High efficiency.

Technical Data
Model Voltage Power Yield Dimension Weight Capacity
LG-2000E-2 110V,60HZV,220V,60HZ 120w 40-50% 440*300*770mm 40kg 20 orange/min

Q.What kind of transport way I can choose?
A. There are air /sea/land transports for your choose
Q. when the product will be deliver ,pls?
A.Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made
Q.Can we visit your factory ?
A. Yes,please feel free to contact  and visit us.
Q.Can I get a sample?
A.I am sorry.For heave cost ,we cannot offer a sample yet.
Q:What if customers know little about import processing?
A: Our factory has rich experience in export.We will assist customers with needs step by step, from placing orders to receiving manufacturing equipment.