Manual Model Sugarcane Juice Extractor/Sugarcane Juicer Machine

Operating Instructions of Manual Model Sugarcane Juice Extractor
1.First clean sugar cane, fresh fruit, ginger, garlic, etc., in order to ensure clean sanitation.
2.Before the use should check the machine, clean the dirt in machine, add lubricating oil in the gear and bearing.
3.check the power supply voltage should be consistent with the machine use requirement, the power cord plugs should be connected firmly, contact should be good.
4.Rotating the right-hand man, according to the required crushing sugar cane thickness, to adjust the best juicing wheel clearance.
5.the valve open out the juice, put juice, slag and other related vessels, and then begin to squeeze.
6.If you want to change the direction of rotation, then cut off power supply first, then select the positive and negative direction.
7.After using, turn the power off and unplug the power cord plugs, clean the machine in a timely manner.

The Safety Instructions of Manual Model Sugarcane Juice Extractor:
1.Cleaning, maintenance, moving the machine, be sure to cut off power supply.
2.Do not use wet hand contact power plug, beginning, be careful to get an electric shock.
3.When using this product, do not let children near.
4.Please put the machine in a stable place to use.
5.Do not touch components of the machine is running.
6.Such as in use process fails, immediately shut off the power and stop using, check.
7.To avoid danger such as product is in failure, please do not open the repair, please do not hesitate to contact the company or the local dealer.
8.Pay attention to the switch in the positive and negative direction signs, a finger into the body inside is prohibited.
9.May not be nails, needle and other metal fall into the machine is running, so as not to damage parts.

sugarcane juice making machine
Technical Data
Model LGZ-01
Capacity 50kg/h for sugarcane 
30kg/h for ginger
Weight 37kg
Dimension 430*320*360mm

1.Ask: What Is The Feature Of The Sugarcane Juicer?
Answer:It Is Manual, Peel The Sugarcane, Then Juice.

2.Ask:The voltage of machine is?
Answer:220V,any other demand of voltage, please let us know in advance.

3.Ask:what Is The Shipping Way, If Buy One Set?
Answer:we Advise You To Choose Airport Transportation, Or Express Delivery.
4.Ask:what Is The Capacity ?

5.Ask:Which shipping way can delivery the machine to customer?
Answer: By air, By Sea, by DHL.