Automatic Fresh Fruit Jucie Vending Machine

Each cup of juice is fresh out of  Automatic fruit juice vending machine. The Automatic fruit juice vending machine have super-oxygen sterilization.fresh orange cleanliness and hygiene is in the first place. And meanwhile Automatic fruit juice vending machine A series of steps of suction pipe and closing lid are completed automatically in the sealed chamber. And the cup is automatic sensor sliding door with anti-clasping function. The orange juice vending machine body is double leakage proof, automatic machine control and automatic collection of coins. The whole operation is simple and convenient. And safe.
Consumers can look cleanly how the orange juice is made. The orange juice is finished within 45 seconds if customer put coin. The orange juice vending machine is fully automatic, easy to operate, automatic drop cup, taste good.

Technical Data
Model Voltage Power(max) Feeder Capacity Automatic Delivery Serving Delivery Time Orange Size Storage room size Temperature Payment Systems
LG-2300 110V~240V 1000W 300pcs(75)oranges 59 servings without need to replenish orange 35-35 seconds 75-80mm 520*355*1520mm adjustable from 2℃ upwards note acceptors in all currencies, cashless payment
technologies, MDB-Executive protocols