High Juice Rate Small Crush Type Fruit Juice Extracting Machine

  • Material:apple,orange,pear,etc
  • Capacity:0.5-2.5T/H
The Crush type fruit juice extracting machine is mainly used to extract fruit and vegetable juices. The main components of the equipment is spiral, which increases gradually along the material residue outlet direction while the screw pitch reduces gradually. When the materials are pushed in by the spiral, due to the volume contraction of the spiral cavity, the materials are extracted.
crush type juice making machine
Advantages of Fruit juice machine:
  • Slag discharging and juicing separate automatically.
  • High juice making rate, make full usage of the raw material.
  • The machine is small, easy to operate and move.
  • The machine material is stainless steel 304, meets food safety and hygiene standards.

fruit juice machine industrial

Working Principle of Fruit juicer machine:
When the raw materials are added into the material feeding hopper, they receive pressure under the boosting of the spiral and the extracted juices will flow into the juice container through the filter screen, and the waste materials will be discharged through the ring interval formed between the spiral and the pressure adjusting taper part.The movement towards the axial direction by the pressure adjusting head can adjust the size of interval so as to adjust the juice extracting rate.

How our Fruit juice making machine works?

Technical Data
Model Capacity Power(KW) Size
LG-0.5 0.5T/H 1.5+0.55KW 900*320*1100MM
LG-1.5 1.5T/H 4+1.5 KW 1560*450*1640MM
LG-2.5 2.5T/H 11+2.2KW 2200×600×1960MM