Commercial Automatic Date Pitting Machine of Double-Track

Application of the automatic date pitting machine:
This machine has wide adaptability and large size compatibility. Suitable for: date palm, ash jujube, beach jujube, golden silk jujube, horse tooth jujube, Gansu jujube, Korean jujube, olive, and other long round shape fruit. It can process different size of dates, can meet different clients require.
Introduction of the dates pitting machine:
We improved the machine of double track, which can provide the higher production.In this way, you can change the different capacity you want. You can do go nuclear to nuclear effects and the effect of opening cut in half. Enucleation residual nuclear rate is very low. The gap between the rollers can be regulated to get a best process efficient,and the rollers and the scraper can be replaced considering the status of the machine, and it is easy to do the replacement.
The dates pitting machine is easy to operate and reasonable in design. It can adjust the knife speed and automatic pre-compression system to ensure the cutting surface. The date kernel extractor guarantees high quality of the product, which can meet the uniform cutting of various raw materials. The whole date kernel extractor is made of stainless steel.
dates pitting machine
The machine is high automation, template feeding, conveying and date nuclear, discharging automatically, only need to pour fruit into the hopper, dates seeds and fruit can be separately automatically, and working is continuous, high efficiency, save time and labor. The equipment in the start-up operation and running is more stable, all parts are fixed well by bolts, making it more convenient and fast when operating. Conveyor uses imported polyurethane material, anti-wear, tensible, tear resistance, have a longer service life.

Features of the dates seed removing machine:
1.It uses high-quality stainless steel,fully meet the health standards for food processing equipment. need to watch for a long time, one person can manage many sets machine.
3.The fruit shape completely unchanged.
4.Each dates can be accurately positioned, achieve precisely pitting.
5.Separate the fruit meat and core complete.
6.It is low power consumption and high pitting efficiency, the nucleation rate above 99%.
Technical Data
Machine Name date pitting machine
Capacity 288pcs/min
Voltage 380V
Power 1.5KW
Dimension 2200*970*1100mm