Automatic Date Pitting Machine With High Pitting Rate

  • Material:date,plum,olive,etc
  • Capacity:100-500kg/h
  • Voltage:220v/380v
  • Dimension:2450 *700 *1100mm
  • Cutting Size:12mm-26mm
The automatic date pitting machine can remove the seed from the date in high speed. It  is easy to operate and does not need to be taken care of for a long time. One person can manage multiple machines at the same time.
date pitting machine

Advantages of the date pitting machine
  • It is a new type of development in the original model based on the rational design of the original positioning device.
  • The fruit can be automatically positioned , removing is more accurate , more efficient.3.The machine adopts the design of "half core design", which is the most scientific and advanced method to remove the fresh dates.
  • To ensure remove core with less flesh, and the ends of the jujube is very complete.
  • This machine is designed to be compact, and the structure is relatively simple.
  • Machine needle parts such as the use of special steel manufacturing, can be used for 6 months without replacement.
  • High removal rate, above 99%.
  • Strong adaptability, large processing range. No matter dry or even deformation can be processed.
  • Low failure rate, long service life. The key parts are made of special materials and have good mechanical properties.
  • The machine to add the central controller, stepless speed, speed is adjustable.

Pitting Effect
date pitting effect

Dates seed removing machine principle
Adopting a high degree of automation, the mold conveyor belt automatically feeds and feeds the device for conveying and rushing, and only needs to pour the fruit into the feeding hopper to complete the separation effect of the nuclear meat, and the sustainable uninterrupted work. The principle of rushing nuclear adopts the process of machine tool to punch the core, ensuring that the jujube is erected during the transportation process and then nucleated.

How our date pitting machine price works?

Technical Data
Voltage 220v/380v
Working speed 100-500kg/h
Remnant rate less than 2%
Dimensions (mm) 2450 *700 *1100mm
Scope of application 12mm-26mm