Semi-automatic Peach Pitting Machine for Hot Sale

Semi-automatic Peach Pitting Machine Application:
The semi-automatic peach pitting machine can achieve peach pitting and cutting at the same time. It is suitable for peach, apricot, pear, apple, etc fruit. It is now popular in fruit processing factory.

Peach Seed Removal Machine Introduction:
Because the peach is very irregular and requires accurate positioning, then can be cleaned. We create this machine with a double-chain driven conveyor belt based on the positioning of the original hexagonal roller belt conveyor belt. The indexing box is accurately indexed and positioned, which achieves the effect of puncturing and locating the center point on time. Both can accurately locate the center point of the peach.

We all know that  the peach core is very hard. The needles of this machine are made of stainless steel needles. They are hard and hard. After the core is removed, the peaches are not easy to turn black. The long-term wear will not easily lead to bad needles. Moreover, the needle can be easily punched out with the accurate positioning and positioning of the needle. We have made a delicate design for the traditional conveyor belt, adding the traditional fruit-bearing hole to the self-designed self-control center silicone cup. When we put the peach into the hole, the device can easily control the center. The perfect denuclear effect with precise orientation.
peach pitting machine
And another advantage of the machine is: It can cut the peach into two, four, six, and eight lobes at the same time of pitting. This device is based on the part of the device that we designed separately for the customer's requirements. By matching with the self-control center device on the conveyor belt, the peach can be positioned in the longitudinal direction of the 360 degree.

Peach Seed Removal Machine Features:
1.The machine is made of 201 stainless steel material full package, high-end, the atmosphere is exquisite. 
2.It not only ensures the aesthetics of the equipment, but also meets the food hygiene supervision standards.
3.The capacity can be adjusted according to your need.
4.The diameter of the peach can be tailored before pitting the peach.
5.The peach after pitting ihas no damage, keep smooth.
6.One worker can operate the machine, it is easy to operate.
7.It has high production efficiency and low power consumption. The denucleation rate is 98%.

This is our peach pitting machine working video:
Technical Data
Capacity 208pcs/min 78pcs/min
Weight 800kg 400kg
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 4.0KW 2.2KW
Dimension  3000*1400*1300mm  2000*1200*1200mm