Small Capacity Fruit Vegetable Washing and Peeling Machine

  • Material:potato,radish,ginger,etc
  • Capacity:800-1200kg/h
  • Voltage:380v
  • Power:1.1kw,1.5kw
  • Weight:220kg,300kg
The fruit and vegetable washing and peeling machine is widely used in washing and peeling round oval fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, ginger, sweet potato, kiwi fruit, etc.The machine has a beautiful shape and convenient operation. It is now an essential equipment in fruit and vegetable processing factory. 
image for fruit vegetable washing and peeling machine
Fruit vegetable washer and peeler machine advantages:
  • Large effective volume, high efficiency, water saving.
  • Suitable for the continuous cleaning operations.
  • Easy operating, long service life.
  • Labor saving and low consumption.
  • The brush roller with special craft processing, durable in use.
vegetable washing and peeling machine picture
Working principle of the food washing and peeling machine:
The vegetable washing machine is developed according to the market demand of the products by our factory. It is mainly composed of motor, transmission, 8-15 hairbrushes. The brush is made of high quality nylon which is durable and good wearable. In the drum through the brush scrub, upper pressure water spray, the vegetables can be thorough cleaning. The main component of the machine is stainless steel, in order to ensure the long-term work, without stainless corrosion, non-toxic, harmless and other characteristics, which according with the standard of food processing machinery health requirements.

How the vegetable washing machine works?
Technical Data
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
LG-800 1.1kw/380v 1600x730x840mm 220kg 800kg/h
LG-1200 1.5kw/380v 2120x840x900mm 300kg 1200kg/h

1.If the machine is available for 440V 60HZ?
We can customize the motor of machine according to customers' local voltage.
2.Which functions does the machine has?
It has washing and peeling funcitons; the spraying device is mattched with machine;
It can automatic rotary,washing and discharging.
3. when the product will be deliver ,plz?
Generally ,we will delivery commodity within 7 days,except  custom-made
4.Can we visit your factory ?
Yes,please feel free to contact  and visit us.