Fruit Vegetable Air Drying Machine|Cooling Machine

The fruit vegetable drying machine can be widely used for vegetables and fruits,food, beverages, condiments, dairy, pharmaceutical and other industries.It can also be used for drying small packaging bags of meat products, vegetable products after sterilization,Also Plastic trays or crates. Leaf vegetable, root vegetables, fruit vegetable, and fruits. Cabbage, Lettuce, celery, Radish, Potato, Tomato, Strawberry, Peach, Olive,  Jujube, Date Plam, Plum, Cherry,Pepper etc.

Fruit vegetable washing machine for your choice.

fruit vegetablle drying machine with low price
Technical Data
Model Dimension           Weight     Power Capacity
LGD-3 3000*1100 *1600mm 500kg 0.75*8kw 500kg/h
LGD-4 4000*1200*1600mm 600kg 10.1kw 800kg/h
LGD-5 5000*1200*1600mm 800kg 13.6kw 1000kg/h
LGD-6 6000*1200*1600mm 1300kg 16.6kw 1500kg/h